Ena Cosovic — CHANGE (live performance)

Our goal is to taste the sun

On Change, Ena Cosovic offers a slightly different take on the electro-house that the DJ relied on to rocket up the ranks within the techno scene in Copenhagen. Within the context of live performance, the studio musicians bring her songwriting to life in a way that her Ableton beats are generally unable to, emphasizing her melodicism and steering her towards rock-solid ground where she’d normally veer towards the ethereal. Certainly, that falsetto hook can only really bust into the stratosphere when it’s anchored by the live bass and acoustic drumkit.

If the song sounds light-weight, that’s mostly the point. This particular track serves as an interesting entry point into the artist’s broad spectrum, but one where we can see where she has traversed the sonic-sphere, bringing together motown melodicism with live r’n’b instrumentation to serve as the foundation for her scrappy, moody vocal. Having spent the first part of her career paying her dues and absorbing songcraft the world over, the DJ-turned-songwriter is making moves towards launching a full-scale attack on an unsuspecting global audience.

To be sure, Cosovic has bigger plans for the future. The Copenhagen-by-way-of-Bosnia DJ is the full-package, albeit one that hasn’t yet separated herself yet to a stronger degree from her techno-minded brethren with a unique perspective all her own. For now, her songs tend to revolve around the vaguely universal, which holds her overall songwriting back from breaking free from her techno roots. When she does, one can only hope she doesn’t get swallowed up by her incoming 360 deal.