Starcrawler — I LOVE LA

I love LA

An ode to people from Los Angeles who are obsessed with telling you they’re from Los Angeles, written by the same. These gen-z neo-grungesters have such a keen eye for the aesthetic -visually and sonically- it’s hard to fault them for leaning into it as hard as they do.

Oddly enough, their songwriting production sensibilities both sound more midwestern early 90s garage rock revivalism then it does early 90s Los Angeles (or Seattle, for that matter) but the video is where they reveal their hearts, they dedicate more than a third of this five-minute clip to an opening that mostly resembles a deleted-scene from a discarded Pete And Pete episode. Despite that, even Ron Asheton would look on with fondness at the guitar break (3:34-4:05) before it melts back into the chorus.

RIYL: Demolition Doll Rods, knowing-that-snow-day-is-the-movie-version-of-the-last-pete-and-pete-episode