Celebrine — FRIENDS

Young man writes a letter
Let’s be friends forever

Superindieworld describes Celebrine as “goth opera” and the tag doesn’t mischaracterize this Moscow-based duo of electro aesthetes. Moody and preferring open-space atmospherics over sweaty electronica jam, with a notable exception of a rousing half-time to regular-time switch during the break section, Celebrine has landed with a fully-realized visual aesthetic.

They write their lyrics in EN, likely with the goal of reaching a Western audience, much in the same vein of contemporaries like globe-trotting popsters Pompeya. However, in this pursuit, their arty posturing (as evidenced by this well-directed video) dominates their tunes, which is a shame because this duo hints at a deep wellspring of new inspiration and a sense of invigoration that western electro/pop audiences could very well benefit from.

Keep an eye out.

RIYL: El Guincho — Bombay, intentional inscrutability