Max Christenson Audio — YOUTUBE CHANNEL

My name is Max and I do everything regarding music and sound

Max Christenson is a German multi-instrumentalist who builds and records a number of acoustic and/or digital instruments including: an overtone flute, this modular, and various other types of noisemakers.

To be sure, this guy is not joking around regarding the noise he makes. You can observe this in how he outlines the distinction between the Duclar and the Duduk, both of which are wind instruments that, to anyone else, would just be funky clarinets. To him though, the difference is clear and it is necessary. Christenson takes this stuff seriously and invites his audience to do the same, to everyone’s benefit.

However, like most youtube channels, it is too varied for its own good, losing focus in the pursuit of maximizing its appeal (MCA includes tutorial videos, remixes, sampler stuff, along with improv jams and the channel shines best during the tutorial sessions where Christenson’s unvarnished enthusiasm for his collection of world instruments (and surely, some of which he has yet to invent), his musical acumen, and his endless patience for explaining the particularities are a winning recipe for producing engaging content.

There could be fun stuff in the future here and let’s hope that he doesn’t try to go down this route.

RIYL: Bob Brozman, David Byrne’s Building jam, postcollegiate whateverism, this video