together pangea — SICK SHIT (live performance)

“My dick is soft, these things mean nothing to me”

If your dick is soft and it means nothing to you, that’s some nuclear-grade nihilism. Likely (hopefully) a pose. Neat guitar break as the drums shift time. Quality 90s revivalism. TP locks into the key conceptual focal point that defined that era: navel-gazing sounds much better through a half-stack.

RIYL: FIDLAR, Black Lips with better fidelity and less media savvy, being in love with your own sadness

Brawlers — DAY JOB

I just want to take drugs and be sexy

Ahh, that’s the stuff. These millennial UK rockers document timeless annoyances built upon guitars that pleasantly alternate between spiky treble and up/down jangle. Notable aspect: the single-chord guitar-hook that anchors this track will burrow deep in your brain.

RIYL: Oasis — Rock ‘n’ roll star, Japandroids but more bitter, daydreaming about telling your boss to go fuck himself